This page is dedicated to all MND Angels and Warriors.  The naming and the meaning behind this page comes from Sarah Lannie (one of our Trustees) and it holds a special place in one of our major fund raising events, the Ian Pratt MND Swim the Solent Challenge.

Every one of our swimmers and the kayakers who take part in the charity event are given a set of wristbands to honour those with MND. Every wristband is a symbol of hope and is dedicated to an MND Angel or an MND Warrior.  Angels are those individuals who have fought their battle courageously with MND and now fly free of its burden, whilst our Warriors are those who currently live and battle with MND every day.  After the swim, the wristbands are collected and then mailed out to recipients in countries all around the world.

If you would like your MND Angel or Warrior to have a dedication on this page, or would like them to be represented on the Swim  then please contact us here.